Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mug #8, Pam Tadlock

Pam, aka, “The Godmother” Tadlock

Mug #8 Pam, 4x4" oil on Gessobord

I've found that when I'm looking and painting someone who has tilted their head I somehow  unconsciously straighten their features.  I'm still working on that trying not to do that. 

Many thanks to "Supervisor" Wanda Rottenfusser for all of the wonderful background write-ups she has done for the Hilton Head Caper.  Wanda's latest lead:

     This week an APB had gone out for Pamela “The Godmother” Tadlock.  Pam (or Pammy P.I. as her gang affectionately calls her) is the head of a large and ruthless Florida crime family with ties to New York.  We know she was seen in the company of Karin “Quickdraw” Jurick in New York in May 2010 and again in Hilton Head in the fall of 2012.  What influence this had on her remains to be seen.

     We do know her own gang continues to grow.  Originally there were seven plus a partner-in-crime and a huge menagerie of animals but the current numbers are unknown.  She still maintains a cover as an artist but we have seen no evidence of recent activity in that field.  We suspect she is spending her time training her gang in far more nefarious activities but we have no proof.  As a senior statesman and artist once said “This is one of those cases in which the imagination is baffled by the facts”.  No matter the truth, she needs to be apprehended so keep working on those mugshots.

With 20 people painting the same painting, it is similar to interviewing eye witnesses... no two people ever see things the same way, but they all bear a resemblance to the truth.  To see other "eye witness" accounts of the Hilton Head Caper their paintings can be found at:  2012hiltonheadcaper.blogspot.ca

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