Saturday, December 22, 2012

Challenge #3 - HiltonHead4

"Kindle or Nook" 8x8", oil on Raymar panel

 Kindle or Nook?

The Hilton Head Four challenge continues and this one was really a challenge.. I will confess it was my pick and it didn't look that difficult when I picked it. Here it is 3 tries later.  

A judge at an art show said, when she didn’t like a tree that was placed right down the center of a an otherwise wonderful painting, "I know that tree was there in your picture reference.  You have to remember, artists are the strongest people in the world.  We can move trees, buildings, huge rocks, anything we see."  I love that quote.

November at the beach means it was hard to find beach umbrellas or people in colorful outfits.  Using some artistic license, I added an extra umbrella  chair for fun and moved the gal from a deck onto the beach.  

Chris Werst
Regula Scheifele
Double Vision' , 5x7", Oil on Gessobord

Maria Bennett Hock
"Reading Room", 9 x 12, Oil on Raymar Panel


Friday, December 21, 2012

Self Portrait

The National Portrait Gallery in WDC has lots of activities for children.  On one of our visits, everyone was invited to sit at tables piled high with all kinds of materials to make hats.  Upstairs, near portraits of US Presidents a mirror was hung and next to it a sign saying, "Self Portrait" dated xxxx.  It was fun to watch kids come and admire their works of art like this young lady.  She was keeping impressive company with portraits of President Reagan at her back and President Carter on her side.  I don't think she noticed.

Self Portrait 8x10" oil on gessobord, (sold)

Strange Brew | by John Deering

Comics & Art:  I'm sure you've been to art exhibits and heard similar comments.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Art Tip - Wet Panel Holders

With a little ingenuity, you can find or buy things and re-purpose them to use as drying racks for your panels.  I've used CD racks and inexpensive plate racks from Ikea. 

My father made these wooden wet panel holders for me.  They are easy to transport.  Use one for small panels and 2 for larger panels.   If you aren't handy, don't have the right tools or have someone to make them for you they are available on-line.  I'm not sure who else might carry them, but EasyL has them for $9.99 each at

Dad had 1/2" square "rods" and cut 1/4" slots in them.  You can see one with dowel rods in the background.  I also use (left back) metal easels I find in discount stores to dry and display. 
Use 2 holders for larger panels

Any type of  small holder which will be easy to transport is a good tool to take to a workshop to protect and store your wet panels while they are drying in class or in your hotel room. 

Plate holders or top of the desk file holders work.  They also come in a number of sizes.  The wooden one is from Ikea/Amazon and costs about $6.00 new.  The plate rack on the right folds up. 

Left is one of many styles of file holders that would work great with panels.  

Consider using CD old racks.   They are inexpensive if you by them at garage sales or your local thrift stores. They come in all shapes and sizes.  You might take a panel with you if you are on the hunt to make sure the CD rack you find will work.  I like the racks that have wider slots and are 2 sided..  Some racks will work if you turn them on their side.   

I haven't used one personally, but here's an interesting panel holder I saw on the internet sold by Plein Air Panels.  It holds 2 different size panels at the same time.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mug #5 - Lulu

Lulu is the fifth suspect in the 2012 Hilton Head Caper series

I didn't capture the great sneer Lulu had in the original mug shot, but I'm pretty happy with my results.  Well to be honest, the only thing that kind of resembles her is her hair!  Thank goodness there will many more mugs to practice on. 


Regula, aka, “Babyface” Scheifele
4x4 oil on gessobord

 Here is Supervisor Wanda's write up on Lulu...suspect #5:

This sisterhood of felons is far craftier than originally thought.  It appears they have infiltrated the international banking industry.  The trail has led to unnumbered Swiss bank accounts and charges of illegal trading of high end art on the international commodities market.  It is assumed that Regula “Babyface” Scheifele spearheads this branch.

Regula (also known as Lulu) is a long time member of the Hilton Head gang and has recently joined an elite splinter group, the Hilton Head Four.  We do not know their true purpose but speculate that it involves creating original art and selling or trading it across international borders.   Lulu travels frequently under the guise of mild mannered artist to workshops or vacations in exotic destinations.  Her goal is ‘establishing individual connections’ and ‘transporting emotions’ which we suspect are for nefarious purposes.  She is often reported being in the vicinity when  shooting happens and we have heard rumours that the “Snoopy Guys” have become targets.  She must be apprehended and removed from the beaches.  Please duplicate the attached image asap and distribute widely.

To see the mug shots by all of the artists go