Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

I hope you've had a great Christmas and holiday season.   I've been out of town visiting family in Michigan.  I'm just getting back to paintingI'm almost finished with my most recent Hilton Head Caper "mug."  I'll post it tomorrow.

Looking back on 2012,  I did a lot of fun art things:

  • I started a blog!!! 
  • I painted more
  • I took workshops out of the area to study with artists I admire and meet talented artists from around the countr
  • I entered local art shows (next year I will enter shows that aren’t that aren’t local for the experience)
  • I’m finally participating in painting challenges
  • I have an “open studio” with other artists in my area
  • I visited the art museums in Detroit, Chicago, Richmond, and Philadelphia
  • I am enjoying painting in my new studio

The Washington Post published their annual what’s IN/OUT list of things and terms this week.  This year's top OUT was the term "Bucket List".  I need a replacement!  Time flies, so whatever you call it, I think I need a check list to keep me focused.   I guess I'll call it, “things I want to achieve in 2013.”   I have started my list.  I want to make it doable, so I’m planning on 10-12 things I want to accomplish by year’s end.  Travel & workshops will be high on the list!  Lulu has invited us to Switzerland to stay with her and paint.  Going to New York City to visit the art museums.  Living dangerously and taking a air painting workshop.  Buying a good plein air easel.  (and suggestions?)  Participating in more painting challenges.  Volunteering in the art center at a local assisted living facility.  

What's on your 2013 "Bucket list"?  Let me know.    

Isn't this a great "arty" poster from the internet.  Happy 2013!!

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