Sunday, January 6, 2013

Angel's Watch

Angel’s Watch is the 2nd painting I did for the Springfield Art Guild Show, "Dying to Get In."  I did find a number of angel statuary that I liked but this was my favorite, maybe because of the lighting. We were driving down Washington Blvd. in Alexandria, Va. when I spotted this statute at the gate of a cemetery and asked my husband to pull over and stop.  It was getting dark, but the cemetery entrance was at a traffic light.  I waited until cars stopped across the street at the light and illuminated the statute.  It is in St. Mary's Cemetery, established in 1795, the oldest Catholic Cemetery in Virginia.  

Angel's Watch, 12x12" acrylic on canvas in floating frame ($250)

My husband is great about stopping.  When I ask him to pull over without warning he just does it. He knows there is a picture I want to take somewhere close. 

This art show and a friend who is into genealogy have given me a new understanding and interest in walking through cemeteries. They really are interesting outdoor museums. 

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  1. Nice light on this angel. I enjoy walking though cemeteries and looking at the gravestones. Some are so very interesting. I have a lot of photographs taken in cemeteries and I agree they are like outdoor museums.