Friday, January 11, 2013

#4 - Hilton Head 4 - Talkin Bout My Gull

This is Challenge #4 for the HH4 as we affectionately call our challenge group, so it’s time to start the cycle over again. Next pick will be dealer's choice and doesn't have to be a picture taken at the beach.  I'm looking forward to seeing Lulu's next pick.  

I had been reluctant in the past to do challenges.  As much as I am enjoying them now, I'm sorry I didn’t start sooner.   A challenge with friends works well for me, because I don't want to let my friends down by missing a deadline.  That's a push I need.  Challenges take me outside my comfort zone and try subject matter I probably would have avoided in the past. 

The challenges have helped me not to be so married to a reference photograph.  Now I try to think about how I can crop or change it to make it a composition that will be different, but still reflect the subject matter.  I initially painted the middle gull with its head tucked back and then did something I need to do more. I didn't like it, so I painted out the head and did it over again facing the other way. 

A big thanks to my husband for helping name this painting.

Talkin Bout My Gull,  8x10" oil on canvas board

Artist Chris Werst

Chris provided the photograph for challenge 

Of Course I know the Way, 8x10" oil on board

Artist Maria Bennett Hock

Jonathan C. Gull, 8x8” oil on board
Artist Regula Scheifele

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