Monday, January 14, 2013


This is a painting I did for a friend's retirement.  Lisa Redman & I met in 1985 and we've remained friends all these years.  When Lisa retired, I wanted to do a still-life painting that was a reflection of her.  Lisa always had a can of coke in the morning to give her that jolt of caffeine so the crumbled coke is meant to signify retirement and the new coke can is for new adventures.  Lisa's boss, Ron Olive, wrote the book "Capturing Jonathan Pollard", about the case Lisa & I worked together, so I had to include it... don't tell Ron, but what I really liked was the color of the book's jacket.  

Sorry this isn't the best photograph.  You can see there is too much light coming from a window when I took a quick photo, but I hope you get the gist.  One of these days I need to remember to take a camera when I visit Lisa.   

Retired, 8x10" acrylic (NFS)

Speed Bump

Created by Dave Coverly

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