Thursday, July 11, 2013


Crosswalk, 12x12" oil on Raymar panel ($300)

I am a huge fan of art magazines.  They allow me to admire the work of many contemporary artists whose work I might never know about otherwise.  The perfect example is James Zwaldo, a mixed media artist whose work is featured on the cover of the June/July 2013 International Artist magazine.  He works in acrylic and generously shared step-by-step his technique of photo-shopping images and transferring the images to canvas with acrylic medium before he begins to paint.  Reading the article, I realize he must have the patience of a saint.  Me, not so much.  

Not long after receiving my copy of the magazine, I was at the Baltimore Harbor walking across the pedestrian sky-way.  Looking down I was reminded of Zwaldo's work and was struck again how interesting it was to see people in the crosswalk.  The lines of the crosswalk add such an interesting dimension to the overall picture.  The second thing that struck me was how anonymous everyone is from above. I took a number of photos.   Zwaldo's work is large and comprised of dozens of figures.  I decided I would try a lone bicyclist in the crosswalk!

Art in the Comics

Comics = art + a great sense of humor!

This week I found these great comics about art & thought I'd share them. 

Non Sequiter by Wiley Miller

This one made me think of friend and artist Kat Coy's series on cave paintings. 
Bound & Gagged by Dana Summers

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can't Catch Me

I don't work in acrylic very often but enjoy it when I do.  I haven't done any acrylic paintings larger than 11x14".  For me, I find it a great medium for painting small pieces especially when I need to paint small works (3x3" or smaller).  Being an oil painter, I can't always get the acrylic to do what I want until I remember not to fight the drying time and just go with it.  Of course remembering to spray my palette so it doesn't dry out isn't something I normally have to remember.   I have learned unlike oil, just when I think I have finally achieved the color I want, I come back later and find the acrylic has dried darker.  

ART TIP: If I can't get it light enough, I resort to going back into an area and painting it out with white then repainting it.  Then I get the lighter coloring I was aiming to achieve.

I always try to take lots of pictures when I'm at the beach.  I couldn't resist the little boy running with his big pail and his ever patient mom bringing up the rear.  
I decided to tone the canvas in black which is a bit tricky when painting in acrylic and dealing with the paint drying darker.  I'm learning it is all about lots of layers. 
The painting didn't feel quite right/finished so I turned to my critique group for suggestions. They suggested I tone down his maroon romper which was too dominate and didn't fit in with the palette I choose for the rest of painting.  I heeded their advice and I'm very pleased with the final painting. 

Can't Catch Me, 8x10" acrylic on gessobord ($200)

 Comics & Art

Herman by Jim Unger