Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Study of Young Girl & ART TIP

Study of Young Girl, 8x10" oil on canvas (NFS)
Photograph provided by Maria Bennett Hock
I will never to a portrait artist, but I would like to paint people and actually have the painting resemble the person I'm painting.  So I joined Susan Norman and Maria Bennett Hock, two friends who are portrait artists, to paint this portrait from a photograph.  It was the first time I'd tried something like this and the challenge was to try painting in thin layers.  I'm not sure the portrait was really finished, but I learned a lot from the challenge.  


If you need to have a poster for a show or other event have you tried your local big box store? Jan E. Moffatt discovered posters are very inexpensive at Costco.  I'm sure if you have another big box store near you with a photo shop they do posters too.  We are very fortunate to have Loft Gallery artist & friend Jan Moffatt design our "Artist of the Month" posters for all of the artists at The Loft Gallery ( )

Jan uploads the design on-line do its ready for pick it up at our local Costco store in a few hours. 
20x30" posters are $8.99 and 16x20" are $5.99. They come in even smaller sizes. 

Here is the great poster Jan designed for my show in 2012 October show.  

20x30" Poster from Costco , Created by Jan Moffatt

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  1. The tips are great! I love the way your painting of Lucy came out too...