Sunday, January 13, 2013

ART TIP - Baby Wipes

Not everyone has heard baby wipes are a great studio tool.  They are handy to take the paint off your hands & spots on your clothes and you don't even have to leave your easel .   Of course, if you are going to a class or workshop don't forget to throw in a traveling size.  

I like to keep old t-shirts rags to wipe my brushes, but more to wipe paint off the canvas when I'm drawing in paint.  I suggest even if you are using paper towels to wipe your brushes, keep an old terrycloth wash cloth or dish towel handy.  Once you've cleaned your brush, take an extra swipe on the terrycloth and see the difference in removing the cleaner from your brush.  When I use paper towels I think the best ones for removing oil are Blue shop towels or Viva.  Both last at least twice as long as regular paper towels.

If I'm done painting, I clean my brushes well with turpenoid.  Then I use Ivory soap and cool water for a final cleaning.  Once my brushes are clean, I swipe the brush lightly over the bar of soap and use my fingers to pull the bristles into a nice clean point.  I've been doing that for years and it helps them keep their point and last longer.  Its best to lay your brushes down flat to dry.    Never store your paintbrushes in a manner that crushes the bristles.  Either keep them tip up in a container or when traveling a box made for brushes or brush holder.  


  1. Baby wipes have so many uses but never thought of that. Pretty cool.

    1. Hi Kim, Its nice to have a quick way to get paint off my hands to keep me from transferring it (well most of the time) to my face or clothes. I love all the great tips I've picked up from fellow artists at workshops.