Thursday, May 23, 2013

ART TIP - Inexpensive homemade Plein Air Pochade Thumb Box

      I keep telling myself that I want to try my hand at plein air painting.  So far I've procrastinated, but I'm always on the lookout for plein air ideas!  Go figure.  I want to buy a plein air easel even if I only use it for workshops.  There are a number of really good ones out there.  That's the problem, each of the four I like seem to have at least one feature I really like.... so hard to decide!  I am also intrigued with the "how to" internet videos where people show you how they built their own boxes.  Some of the small ones are built out of cigar boxes.  

     I spotted a thrift store the other day and swear my car just turned in on its own.  I went in looking for toys to paint.  They didn't have any toys I was interested in, but I found some cigar boxes and then an old metal cash box for $4.00.   Of course I bought both. When I got them home I realized that unlike the cigar box, the cash box was ready to use.  The lid opens to exactly the right angle and I don't need to add hinges as I would with the cigar box.  The lid easily holds a 6x6" panel.  I think I will cut a piece of masonite to fit as a palette then it will have  room for a few paint supplies under the palette.  I also think paint will last with the top closed. 

      I tried it out today painting a 4x4" 'mug' and it worked like a charm.   The lid has a lip that holds the panels and leans back just far enough you don't have to worry about the panel falling forward. 

Use a metal change box to paint on small panels

                                                                                                                 I was even more thrilled about my pochade cash box after looking online for modifications ideas.   I found this wooden Pochade Thumb Box ... it was on sale  for $84.00!   I saved $80!!  What else can I buy?






Its all about Art...

B.C. by cartoonist Johnny Hart

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blue Day

I was visiting the National Gallery in DC on a rainy day recently with friends.  This gentleman was sitting just outside obviously waiting for his wife since he was holding her coat.  So gloomy day all dressed in blue holding a blue coat!  I told him he was picture perfect... after I'd taken the first couple of photos. I thought... blue... how hard can that be!  Way more of a challenge than expected to make the blues have dimension.   So I'm going to paint another similar one to play with the blues again.  

Blue Day, 8x8" oil on RayMar panel