Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunflowers in Pen & Ink & Oil

It's been a while since I've done a posting.  Opening my blog, I just realized this would be my 100th posting!

I have wanted to get out of my comfort zone for a while and try something new.  I have a couple of friends who are constantly trying new ideas and mediums and they inspired me to look for something new to try.  

I've been intrigued with Amy Ringholz's work since the first time I saw it in an art magazine. Of course I looked her up on the internet and I was thrilled to discover her videos.  I thought maybe I could experiment using pen & ink too.  So I looked through my photos to see any of them might translate into something interesting and be compatible with that style.  I knew picking a floral would have me painting a subject matter I rarely do and in this style that is totally alien.  It sounded just like what I was looking for!

I did my sketch in charcoal and sprayed it with a fixative.  I don't think I would do that again because my charcoal lines show through.  Not a bad effect, but I wanted it to be all about the ink lines.   I don't have a device like Amy uses to apply ink, so I used a wide nib.  The only problem with that is your lines are the same unless you change nibs and that would take the spontaneity out of it.  I think being able to change the width & flow makes the lines much more interesting.   But you have to work with what you have.  

I used a 16x16" canvas for my first try but I think a larger would be better since you are  basically trying to paint between the lines.  I did end up going back and darkening some of the lines with paint. 

I found the ink step was almost like doodling.  I really enjoyed the entire process.  It was fast and so much fun I plan to try it again one of these days.  
Dreama Tolle Perry said for most people no matter how many classes you take or styles you try, your painting style is just like your DNA.  Our styles change as we grow and improve, but our styles are unique to us.  I totally agree...But it is fun to try something totally different every once in a while.

Charcoal sketch

Pen & ink layer.  You can see the lighter charcoal lines.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the final result.  It took on an almost stained glass feeling.  I did go back in and darken some of the ink lines I lost while painting to help bring the larger flower forward. 

Art in the Comic Strips

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mug Shot # 20 - Maria Bennett Hock

Maria and I paint get together to paint almost every week.  We carpooled to Karin Jurick's 2012 Hilton Head workshop.  Maria came up with the brilliant idea of sharing a beach house with a couple of other artists she'd met the year before instead of staying at a hotel.  I have to say if you ever have a chance to do that for a workshop do itl.  It was wonderful to have people to share the experience with on a much more personal level and spent evenings expanding our art adventure.  The Hilton Head 4 challenge grew out of our time spent together when we decided it would be a great way to continue the fun we had at the workshop.  The biggest reward has been I now have 2 more dear friends.  

I'm still working hard trying to paint these 'portraits.'  I have a tendency to not go light enough with my skin tones and to over work them.  So for the last few I have toned the gessobord with red light instead of black and decided not worry about leaving some of the red showing.  

  Maria Bennett Hock, also known as (aka) "The Enforcer"

Maria Bennett Hock, 4x4" oil on gessobord

Supervisor Wanda Rottenfusser report:

Just finished doing an internet search on Maria “The Enforcer” Bennett Hock and I am exhausted.  It appears this woman has done everything leading me to believe this is an extremely deep cover for a seriously nefarious felon.  She has stated “my days are filled with conceptualizing, defining and realizing concepts”.  This sounds more like a ringleader than an enforcer.

We know she spearheaded the original mug challenge of the 2011 Hilton Head Gang and instigated a similar exercise among the 2012 Hilton Head felons.  She is a member of the splinter group Hilton Head Four, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Paintbrush, and numerous art societies and organizations.  She often participates in challenges (30 in 30, 6 at 60, etc.) and workshops in North America and Europe.  She has published at least 2 books and has been heard on several episodes of blog talk radio.  We suspect that it is during these activities that she exchanges information with other felons, learning and developing more refined techniques for creating havoc. 

“The Enforcer” can often be seen skulking in art galleries dressed like a private eye (as camouflage this is not terribly successful), in the streets or on the beaches – shooting apparatus at the ready.  She is armed and dangerous and we believe her goal is to immortalize the world “in portraits that convey emotion”.  Please help put this woman in bars where she belongs [sorry, that should read behind bars].

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Rhymes with Orange

I'm still on the hunt for cartoons by artists who do cartoons about art.  If you missed this one yesterday, Hillary Price has continued to show nothing rhymes with orange! 
Created by Hillary Price

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mug Shot #19 Sandhya Manne

     I'm coming up to the end of my 2012 Hilton Head Mugs.  There are 21 mugs.   I've continued to try to use the lessons learned in Karin Jurick's workshop, but Karin's bottom line is have to paint (a lot) to improve.

Sandhya “Zentangle” Manne

Sandhya Man, 4x4" oil on gessobord

Supervisor Wanda's report on muggle #19:

Just when we thought the Hilton Head sisterhood couldn’t get any more diverse, a Far Eastern connection has been uncovered.  Sandhya “Zentangle” Manne has connections in the East (India) and the West (Dallas, Texas).  [Note – Last week we had Kat and Dogs, this week Indian and Cowboys – this group is definitely multi-dimensional.]

“Zentangle” is, as you would expect, a certified Zentangle teacher.  This means she teaches the making of ‘beautiful images by drawing structured patterns … which are elegant metaphors for deliberate artistry in life’.  This sounds very harmless but do not be fooled – this woman is a marketing guru.  She has put her M. Comm. to good use in exploiting the online marketing universe.  A quick internet search shows she has a website, blog, facebook page, a presence on Pinterest, linkedin, etsy, twitter, meetup, as well as Daily Paint Works, and Fine Art America.  One can only speculate at what would turn up with an in-depth search. 

Circumstantial evidence shows that this approach is working.  She seems to be adept at extracting funds from the unsuspecting public in return for zen-like images that “evoke calm, peaceful, spiritual and happy emotions”.  She must be stopped before we become too relaxed to care.  

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Prickly City - Its all about Art!

Created by Scott Stantis

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mug Shot #18 Bettsie Miller

     I am still working on the 2012 Hilton Head Mugs.  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it I don't like one and end up redoing it.  I'm finding the less strokes the better.  I will think my mug looks pretty good and then I decide it just needs a couple more strokes of color and that's when I get in trouble.  If you are doing a "portrait" a 4x4" canvas is very unforgiving.

  Bettsie Miller, also known as (aka) "The Communicator"

Bettsie Miller, 4x4" oil on Gessoboard

Supervisor Wanda's report on muggle #18:

The Hilton Head felons have just gotten more dangerous with the discovery of an accredited public relations professional in its ranks.  One wonders what kind of spin has been put on this group to make them seem more politically correct and socially acceptable. 

Bettsie “The Communicator” Miller has a long and varied career in higher education, public relations consulting, environmental causes and her very own non-profit Family Foundation.  However, her disguise as mild mannered artist is not convincing.  Nowhere in the cyber world is there a single work of art by “The Communicator” (at least none were discovered).  We did find a reference to the Studio dei Leoni where the mission statement claims to “expose the student … while also catering to a student’s individual needs, desires and goals”.  The accompanying photo shows a large number of people eating, drinking and “communicating”.  As well, her personal goals seem to be “Dance – play – write – live like a happy adult child”.
These are extremely dangerous activities.  If the public catches wind of this they will all want to join in and then where would the world be.  Please put brush to canvas (or board) and help apprehend this notorious felon.

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