Friday, November 30, 2012

Mug #3 - Kim

Kim is the third suspect in the 2012 Hilton Head Caper series

Kim "The Scoop" Rosse
4x4", oil on gessobord

 A week ago Supervisor Wanda Rottenfussser sent out an immediate lead:  Black Friday and word of another sinister crime has come to my attention.  Kim "The Scoop" Rosser has been seen at the infamous Gelati Celesti in Richmond, Va. stuffing children with (gasp!) homemade pumpkin gingersnap ice cream.  These children are already stuffed with turkey making this even more evil.  She has also been known to depict family members as chickens and has been observed ruthlessly cropping the faces of associates before embalming them in paint.  She must be stopped.

  To see more paintings of the suspects check out:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

On the Potomac

Old Town Alexandria is on the Potomac River.  Another reason I find it inspirational when I visit.  There aren't many boat slips left along that part of the Potomac, but I found this one just off King St. 

On The Potomac, 11x14 oil on canvas, $325

Tip: Moving paintings around can be hard on frames (& your walls).  I borrowed this great idea from a friend.  Just get some inexpensive foam pipe insulation and cut it to fit your frames. It already has a slit to fit over pipes. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fish Market

I knew when I retired I wanted to start painting again.  I also wanted to do something to meet other artists.  Finding an art class seemed like the perfect plan.  The Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria (Va.) was the first place that came to mind.  Its really is an old torpedo factory ( converted to art studios, classrooms & two galleries in the early 1980s.

Just like I'd hoped, I met artists from the area and got back into painting.  I think the 'Fish Market' was one of my first successful paintings.  I still love it and I'm proud it found a wonderful home with Lisa & Doug who live in Old Town.  I had a wonderful compliment when a friend's mother was driving with her down King Street and yelled, "there's Lydia's painting!" 

The Fish Market restaurant (105 King St.) has been renovated and looks a bit different these days, but its still a nice place to eat if you are visiting Old Town.  You also don't want to miss stopping in at the Torpedo Factory to see all the wonderful art.  

Fish Market, Old Town Alexandria
11x14” oil on canvas (sold)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Parking

I loved the idea of a bike chained to the no parking sign.  An orange bike no less.  I seem to have a thing for wanting paint orange objects! 

I still need practice photographing my paintings....sometimes its harder to take a good photo to post than doing the painting.

"No Parking", 8x10" oil on canvas  (sold)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Going Places

More of my walking theme... I saw these shoes in a storefront on a trip to Dublin a few years back.  I love sexy shoes... can't wear them, but love them.   I painted them for a show in 2010.  One of the funniest comments I had about the painting was from a friend's husband who felt obligated to point out the shoes didn't match.  Really, I hadn't noticed!   

Going Places, 12x12" oil on gessobord  (sold)

The Loft Gallery

If you happen to be in Occoquan, VA ., a lovely, quaint town just south of Washington, D. C. please drop by the Loft.  Located on the second floor, it is a large gallery, art center, and six studios housing the work of 21 local artists.   

The Loft Gallery entrance was just decorated for the holidays
313 Mill St., Occoquan, VA.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Walking Her

For those of us who might have eaten a little too much this week, this seemed like the painting to post today.  For such a small dog, she seemed to be in control.  As I watched them walking toward me, my thought was, "who's walking who(m)."

"Walking Her", 8x8" oil on board, $275

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hilton Head Four Challenge

My week at Karin Jurick's workshop in Hilton Head, SC flew by.  After a wonderful week of being inspired watching Karin's demos everyday, making new friends, painting, and sharing a beach house with Chris, Maria, & Regula, we hated for it to come to an end.  
What could we do to hold onto the workshop and beach experience for a little while longer?  An idea was born and the Hilton Head Four (HH4) challenge was created.  It sounded like fun.

Every two weeks, one of us will send out a photograph taken during our week in Hilton Head.  Each artist will do their own interpretation of the photo and we'd post all four paintings on the same day. 

Regula had the furthest to travel, so once she was home in Switzerland she sent out the first photograph. 

Here are the results of our first challenge:
My version, 8x10, oil on Ray Mar panel, $275
Artist: Regula (Lulu) Scheifele
Artist: Chris Werst

Artist: Maria Bennett Hock

Friday, November 23, 2012

Orange Friday

Orange Cloth

Black Friday sounds depressing so I'm changing it to Orange Friday and posting a painting called "Orange Cloth."  I painted this still life in David Shevlino's April 2012 workshop at the Easton Studio & School in Easton, Maryland.  The most important lesson I came away from David's workshop with is I  can use large brushes and still get detailed, interesting paintings.  Using a larger brush has helped me not get too bogged down in the details when I start a painting.  Now if I can just remember that rule!

Orange Cloth, 12x16, oil on canvas


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Line Dance (More Turtles)

Trying to decide which painting to post reminded me of how much fun I had painting the turtles.    Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, so I went went out and took some more pictures. 

'Line Dance'  8x16" oil on canvas - sold

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Suspect #2 - Laurie

2012 Hilton Head Gang...

I learned the hard way that putting my mug of Laurie on a wanted posted took me almost as much time to create as it did to paint her....but it was fun.