Sunday, August 24, 2014

August Hot Wheels Reception

THANK YOU  to everyone who was able to stop by my reception on the 10th and the friends who could not make it who called or sent me lovely notes and email.  And I don't want to forget those who couldn't come on the 10th, but have stopped by to see the show.  I am very blessed & grateful for a terrific turnout of so many friends.   Unfortunately, I didn't designate anyone to take photographs at the reception so I don't have pictures from the 10th. Oh well, next time! 

It’s hard to believe that after working for months to get ready for the show the end of the month is getting near.  My show runs until the 30th.  If you haven't visited Occoquan its a wonderful quaint town on the river with a number of nice restaurants, shops and of course art galleries!  

Loft Gallery, 313 Mill St., Occoquan VA (upstairs)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Art Tip

We all know oil dries slow and its tricky to get them home safely from workshops.  I've seen some artists  leave them out in the sun to get the top to skin over dry enough to make handling a bit easier.  I was getting ready to frame my last painting for my show when I decided I needed to add a couple more strokes.  The paint was thin but I needed it to dry to the touch before framing it.  My solution worked and kept the bugs away.  Be prepared for you car to smell like paint for a couple of days... or so my husband claims.  I thought it seemed just fine!! 

I had the best time painting this 1976 VW.  I was going to post a picture of it too, but I just realized I forgot to take a photo of it before I took it to the gallery so this is it for now.   

Friday, August 8, 2014

"August Hot Wheels"

I'm very excited my show is finally up.  We couldn't start hanging, which included touching up the walls, until the gallery closed at 5:00 last Sunday so we were there until late.  I finished up and hung the labels on Monday.  A HUGE thanks to my husband for helping me make what felt like a gazillion trips up and down the stairs at the gallery (and home) and helping me hang my show.  He had some great suggestions on placement, including the old fence.  I couldn't have done it without him.

Old fence!?! I saw an old piece of fence on a pile at the curb while I was out walking.  I went home, got the car and drove back.  I picked up this rickety thing, checked it out and put it back a couple of times.  I finally decided I could always throw it out again if it didn't work for my show.  It turned out to be a fun extra piece for hanging a couple of the paintings... And my husband doesn't think its weird anymore when I bring broken things home! 

It is hard to believe after months of working toward the show all is done with the exception of the reception on Sunday (8/10/14) and a little food shopping on Saturday.

I have 23 paintings for this show.  This is the main wall.

Loft Gallery, 313 Mill St., Occoquan, Va.