Thursday, November 28, 2013

Principle Gallery Portrait Paint Off Demo

I wrote this just after I attended the Face Off demonstration and it was still in my drafts.  I decided to publish it, because I wanted to share this interesting experience.  

I was fortunate to attend "Artists to Duel in "Face Off II" a reception and paint-off hosted by the Principle Gallery in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  The Principle Gallery is on my sightseeing list when I have visitors.  

The featured artists were Mia Bergeron, Rachel Constantine, Cindy Procious, and Terry Strickland.  The four amazingly talented artists from the Women Painting Women collective painted portraits alla prima for 3 hours as we all watched, admired, and tried to pick up tips.

Read Art Connoisseur's write up for the show.  

The four painted before a packed house.  Each of the artists were very friendly and gracious, answering questions during the models' breaks.  It isn't easy to paint in front of a crowd.  You could almost hear an collective intake of breath from the crowd when Cindy wiped off her canvas after painting for over 30 minutes telling the crowd it wasn't working so she was starting over. 

Forgive me for the randomness of the photos.. I don't usually try and put so many photos in a posting and still trying to figure out how to do it better the next time.  


Cindy answering questions during a break

Cindy's portrait when they called time


Mia getting started with model in background

Mia's Painting When Time is called


 I wish I had a picture of Mia using a hand mirror to look over her shoulder at the model

It was Interesting How Each Artist Set up Their Palette

Cindy had hers set before she started

Rachel hung hers during breaks

Terry hung her palette next to her canvas (my paint would be sliding!)


Setting up before the crowd arrived

Rachael's painting when time was called

She dresses a heck of a lot better to paint than most painters I know!


You can see how crowded it was - and hot under the lights as they painted

Terry's Painting when time was called
Terry's start

Terry at a break chatting with the gallery


Friday, September 6, 2013

Cross Walking

I guess I can't paint just one!  The Crosswalk paintings are a lot of fun.   Who knew how interesting people are in a cross walk?   Standing up above them on the pedestrian walk is an interesting perspective allowing the people walking by to be almost anonymous.   

Cross Walking, 12x12" Acrylic ($300) 

The Art of Comics

Cartoons are an art in themselves and its even more fun when their topic is about art.  

Created by John Deering

Fusco Brothers Created by J.C. Duffy
Baby Blues Created by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My August Wall at the Loft Gallery

Today I move my wall.  At the Loft Gallery , nineteen 2-D artists move to a new spot the first Monday of every month (unless like today the holiday fell on Monday).  The 3-D artists have their own rotation.  Its an old building that was a residence at one time so the rooms are on the smaller side and there are lots of doors and windows making the hanging spaces different sizes.   I like the rotation.  Everyone has a turn at each space and it keeps the gallery fresh.  The main room is the featured wall for the artist of the month. 
In August I had one of the larger walls.  Of course its above the high counter with all the miniture paintings and a slanted ceiling.   Because it was the last month of summer, I decided to hang paintings of beaches, boats and kids playing in the water.  

You can see this is a hard wall to hang.
You have to move all the miniatures first then crawl on the counter.

Hanging Art Shows

Hanging is an art in itself and I'm still learning.  It is something to be planned, like the composition of your painting.  To learn, I volunteer to help other artists hang shows hoping to pick up pointers.  Whether its hanging your own paintings or a huge show with multiple artists the principles are the same.  You have to consider what looks best.  Are you grouping by a theme, subject matter, color, size, shape or sometimes types or colors of frames?  Once you start grouping, is it pleasing to the eye?  Its sometimes easier when hanging on a large wall to lay the paintings out on the floor so you can easily move paintings around.  Do you want to stagger the heights of the frames or (try) hang them straight across the top? The general rule of thumb is the center of the work should be about 5 feet from the ground so its pleasing for people of all heights.  So many things to consider.    
Of course things change when you have odd size walls, furniture, windows, or other obstacles in the way you may have to work into your design.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Two to Go

Hilton Head 4 Challenge # 13

July was Lulu's pick. 

"Two to Go"
9x12” Oil on RayMar
Lulu sent us a couple of photos of the same couple at a ticket window.  I decided I liked the guy's pose in one photo and the gal's pose in the other.  Another “what was I thinking” painting! .... so why not make it even more complicated for myself!  Oh that's right, its a challenge.  As always, the challenges push me to try new things and I learn from each one. 

The Look

Ticket Please