Saturday, January 26, 2013

Challenge #5 - Beau Roux

This is #5 for the HH4 as we affectionately call the Hilton Head 4 challenge.  It was Regula "Lulu" Scheifele's pick.  Lulu sent us a number of pictures she took in Paris.  I'm so envious.  All the photos were great.  Picking one was a challenge in itself!  I loved this gal's gorgeous red hair, so as they might say in Paris, Beau Roux!  

Beau Roux 
8x8" oil on RayMar panel

Paris in the Pink!  
 Maria Bennett Hock 
Paris à Deux Regula Scheifele
Chris Werst

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  1. Love seeing them all together!!! What a fun challenge!!