Saturday, December 22, 2012

Challenge #3 - HiltonHead4

"Kindle or Nook" 8x8", oil on Raymar panel

 Kindle or Nook?

The Hilton Head Four challenge continues and this one was really a challenge.. I will confess it was my pick and it didn't look that difficult when I picked it. Here it is 3 tries later.  

A judge at an art show said, when she didn’t like a tree that was placed right down the center of a an otherwise wonderful painting, "I know that tree was there in your picture reference.  You have to remember, artists are the strongest people in the world.  We can move trees, buildings, huge rocks, anything we see."  I love that quote.

November at the beach means it was hard to find beach umbrellas or people in colorful outfits.  Using some artistic license, I added an extra umbrella  chair for fun and moved the gal from a deck onto the beach.  

Chris Werst
Regula Scheifele
Double Vision' , 5x7", Oil on Gessobord

Maria Bennett Hock
"Reading Room", 9 x 12, Oil on Raymar Panel


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