Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Girls Night Out

I took my brother's family sightseeing.  As we walked around, I heard them call my name. When I turned, there they all stood with their backs to me saying, "Take our picture so you can paint us." Everyone thinks they’re a comedian. They know I love to paint people looking at art in museums and here is another recent favorite.

Girls Night Out, 8x8", oil on gessoboard  (sold)

Merry Christmas wishes to all…
A few years after we moved into our home, I walked outside one Dec day and there was a pink plastic flamingo with sticks for antlers, a Santa hat & a red scarf.  I loved it.  No one ever owned up to the deed, but a tradition was born.  If the flamingos mysteriously showed up in your yard it was your turn to dress them for the next occasion.  People were incredibly creative.  Flamingos as Santa, bikini clad, in a diaper & top hat for New Years Eve, covered in feathers at Thanksgiving, in wedding attire and even as an angel when we lost a neighbor & friend to cancer.  Not sure what happened, but after many years the flamingos disappeared.

I promised myself this year....no new Christmas decorations.  I even boxed up things I don't put out anymore to give away.  Today, I took the boxes of old Christmas decorations to the Salvation Army and stopped at Home Depot to pick up light bulbs… and what do I see!?!  I couldn't help myself!!  I ask you who could resist?  AND they light up!

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