Saturday, December 8, 2012

Challenge #2

The Look   The Hilton Head  Four challenge continues.  

The Look
 8x10 oil on Ray Mar panel, $250

Every two weeks a new challenge starts with a photo sent by one of the group.  Its been very inspirational and fun to see how each of us translates the photo reference into a painting during the big reveal when we email our paintings to each other.  Challenge 2 was Maria Hock's pick.  I love the look on the dog's face and of course the red jacket.   I'm hoping as I do more of these challenges I will get more adventuresome in my interpretation.

The Lookout
Artist: Maria Bennett Hock

Artist: Chris Werst


Bright and Early
Artist: Regula (Lulu) Scheifele
Lulu's blog is

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  1. I like how the light hits your subjects and those long shadows!

    Good work for everyone!