Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Normally, I like the viewer to see a mini version of whatever famous or not so famous painting a museum patron is enjoying.  Going through my photographs, I ran across this one.  It just worked for me.  The painting he was gazing at was very dark and probably wouldn't have been all that interesting, but I liked how it made the patron stand out.  

The funny thing about these paintings is how many people will look at one and say it looks like someone they know.  

"Framed", 8x10 oil on gessobord, $275 (framed)

Speaking of photographs.  I love that I never have to miss an opportunity when I see something I might want to paint because I always have my backup camera...my cellphone.  Of course, I have my fair share of photographs of my finger.  I saw this Speed Bump comic strip and had to laugh... that's me for sure..    

Speed Bump comics, created by Dave Coverly

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  1. I like paintings with the perspective of the backs of people. Great job with his gesture. Well done!

    And the comic is hilarious! It hits home!! :-)