Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Remember When

This painting always made me smile.  I found it humorous to see someone dressed for winter looking at a nude...and her outfit matched the painting on the right!

"I Remember When", oil, 8x10 on gessobord, (sold)

Tip: An inexpensive way to help you paint on small panels.

I like to paint on panels, but they are hard to transport wet and the small panels need support to sit on an easel.  Sometimes I even like to hold small paintings in my hand or supported on a table and you can't do that with panels.    

The paintings here are 4x4.  
You can see how the panels fit by the 
 outline of the 8x8" & 8x10" panels I use
You can buy wet panel holders that secure the paintings better, but I just use painters tape behind the panels and it has worked just fine.  If you have a table saw (or know someone who does) you can do this yourself.  If you don't, Home Depot and Lowes will cut them for you.  I bought a quarter sheet each of 1/4" particle board and 1/8" Masonite.  Home Depot cut them to size for me, including the 1-1/2" strips. 
I use 4x4"-8x10" Ray Mar panels and Ampersand gessobords so the backboard needs to be at least 10xI2" if you want to use it for 8x10 panels.  You can see my particle board holder is 12x12 and the Masonite one is 11x13.   I glued (Elmer's) the 1- 1/2" wide strips along two sides and nestle the panels up next to them.  I like the particle board for its thickness, but it is a bit heavier to transport.  The Masonite is lighter but doesn't have as much of a lip.  So it’s a toss up.  I think the next one I make I might try a Masonite backboard with a particle board side strips for the thickness to see how that works.  The holders will fit in the carriers made for regular canvases, so you can leave your paintings in the holders if going to a class. 

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