Thursday, December 20, 2012

Art Tip - Wet Panel Holders

With a little ingenuity, you can find or buy things and re-purpose them to use as drying racks for your panels.  I've used CD racks and inexpensive plate racks from Ikea. 

My father made these wooden wet panel holders for me.  They are easy to transport.  Use one for small panels and 2 for larger panels.   If you aren't handy, don't have the right tools or have someone to make them for you they are available on-line.  I'm not sure who else might carry them, but EasyL has them for $9.99 each at

Dad had 1/2" square "rods" and cut 1/4" slots in them.  You can see one with dowel rods in the background.  I also use (left back) metal easels I find in discount stores to dry and display. 
Use 2 holders for larger panels

Any type of  small holder which will be easy to transport is a good tool to take to a workshop to protect and store your wet panels while they are drying in class or in your hotel room. 

Plate holders or top of the desk file holders work.  They also come in a number of sizes.  The wooden one is from Ikea/Amazon and costs about $6.00 new.  The plate rack on the right folds up. 

Left is one of many styles of file holders that would work great with panels.  

Consider using CD old racks.   They are inexpensive if you by them at garage sales or your local thrift stores. They come in all shapes and sizes.  You might take a panel with you if you are on the hunt to make sure the CD rack you find will work.  I like the racks that have wider slots and are 2 sided..  Some racks will work if you turn them on their side.   

I haven't used one personally, but here's an interesting panel holder I saw on the internet sold by Plein Air Panels.  It holds 2 different size panels at the same time.


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