Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jan 27 | Coffee NOW

“Coffee NOW”
6x6” oil ($75)
This is a compilation of a number of cat photos, mainly because trying to see a black cat's features in a photo isn't easy!  I saw a cat poking its head through a pink blanket and decided I liked the color with black.  The eyes were from the first photo and the eyes I had to paint.  Intense and demanding.  Loved them.  


I love using a Kemper Wipeout tool and its double sided tool.  Thank you Dreama Tolle Perry for introducing it to me.  Beside wiping out, they are terrific drawing lines when painting wet into wet.  You can use it for whiskers! and signatures and just drawing in a line you've lost to help you place your paint better.  They should have them at your local art store in the ceramics department.  If not, almost all the online art stores carry them.  

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