Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jan 19 | All Wrapped Up

“All Wrapped Up”
6x6” oil
Apparently, the owners of this cutie didn't have a doggie scarf and decided to use the longest human scarf they could find! This little guy probably weighs about 25 pounds, well, 30 with the scarf.  The photo was a strange angle from above so his head looked huge compared to what little body you could see under the scarf.  I drew the body in and it just looked odd and out of proportion.  That's what is great about painting, you paint out anything you don't like.  

I watched Robert Burridge's ArtsyFartsy Newsletter this morning.  Love, love, love, his newsletters.   His latest short video is about putting in your background before you start your paintings.  (He is using acrylic so different technique)  Bob's bottom line was for every good painting there should be a good abstract background.  He used red for his background in his example so that's all I had in my head today when I started to paint.