Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 12 | Henry

6x6” oil ($75)

I saw this cutie on Facebook and wrote the owner asking if I could paint him.  Henry is a Boston Terrier.  If I hadn't known his name I might have titled this painting,  "Eye Got Yah!"  

Learning tip:  Knowing nothing about dogs' anatomy and painting from photographs, I am finding using a black and white photo to do the initial drawing and going back to it after I've laid color in is helping me see shapes better. 

Art tip using Procreate:

Like many artists, I sure my iPad for my photo reference when I paint.  If I print out my reference photo, I usually do it in black and white to use when I draw do I'm not distracted by color and see where I want to lay my darks and later, lights.

I've talked about the Procreate app and how it was recommended to me by both the local art store and a few artist friends.   I'm still at the beginners stage.  After watching some YouTube videos (love, love, love YouTube tutorials and all the wonderful people and artists out there who share their knowledge) on procreate basics to get me started I've been intrigued.  I'm still working on drawing thin lines with a stylus, but I'm having great fun finger painting with it!  I always learn something interesting when I'm just fooling around.  I discovered if I copied a photograph I'm planning to paint on it, I can use it as a color checker.

I've used it to work out the composition before I start painting.  This time,  I left a lot of white boarder.  Then you can touch an area on the photograph your "paint brush" will pick up that exact color.  If you are struggling with figuring out the color this will isolate it for you making it easier to see.  Take the color you have "picked up" and draw a thick line in the white boarder to see the color you are trying to figure out without the surrounding colors throwing you off. 

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