Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 9 | Marlie

“Princess Marlie”
6x6” oil ($75)

In response to my call for pet photos, my good friend Alice sent me so many photos of different cats (and a few dogs) I wrote back to ask if she was running a pet zoo.  She laughed and said no, she's not the crazy cat lady, they were her favorite photos from lots of family members. 

This was a cute and funny photo.  I'm calling this "Princess Marlie" because in the photo the light fixture in the background looked like a crown sitting on top of Marlie's head.  I left it out, but might have to put it in another painting. 



I did my first 30 in 30 2 years ago.  (missed last year because of travel)

 I'm learning more this time around for a couple of reasons.  

  • I'm painting similar subjects everyday
  • I'm painting a subject that is a bit outside my comfort zone or rather not my normal subject matter and learning more because of it. 
  • I am painting faster (good) but now know I'm not ever going to be a daily painter!  I'm realizing I need/like having a second day with fresh eyes to put on the finishing touches.  On the second day for some reason things that need a slight adjustment pop out at me. 

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