Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 8 | Procreate App Experiment

"A Shadow of Myself" 
Procreate "mixed media" Experiment
I couldn't paint for my Day 7, 30 in 30 so I took my iPad with me and experimented with  Procreate to do a mixed media style painting.. 

Art Tip:  Creating Art On Your iPad

Procreate is an inexpensive ($4.99!) app for your iPad.  Google it and its exciting to see all the beautiful work that can be created on this app.   It was recommended to me as a easy to use art app when I was looking for a drawing/painting tool for my iPad to use when I'm traveling and don't want to haul paint with me when I know I won't have time to paint.  That was the plan.  

I'm still in the experimental stages so I haven't really created 'paintings' with it yet, but do have fun playing with it and using it as a tool in my studio.  

While I don't use Procreate all the time, its a great way to "sketch" or work out composition and color choices before starting a painting from a photograph.  Right now, I most often use it with a painting that isn't working.  I take a photo and "paint" over it to create different versions or changes to see what they will look like and go back to the painting with fresh eyes.  

Its also a great classroom tool.  We artists are visual.  For me, many times its difficult to try to explain a visual concept to a student without showing them what the heck you are talking about.   With Procreate you can show them without touching their canvas.  Its that saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" right at your finger tips.  You take a photo of their painting with the iPad, put in into the Procreate.  Now you can show them how to correct perspective that is off or where they should consider adding highlights or shadows.  Take a screen shoot and email it to them.   

Its finger painting for adults... without the mess and some wonderful results.  

There are lots of great YouTube tutorials to get you started. 

You can also see different artists' work and comments on a Procreate FaceBook page


  1. Cute little guy! You did a wonderful job on him! Thanks for the heads up on the procreate

    1. Hi Tam, Thanks. If you haven't tried an art app, this is a very one. After watching a couple of tutorials it is easy to use. Its similar to Photoshop, but much more affordable.

  2. Adorable! Thanks for the info on the app - I've got to check it out.