Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan 18 | Work in Progress

Work in Progress 

I haven't decided on a title.  Not sure why, but 'Kiss Me Kate' came to mind when I started.  If you have any ideas for a title please let me know. 

It is funny that when I started the 30 in 30 challenge the paintings seem to go a little easier.  I think I've started trying too hard and that's not good.  Finishing a painting in a day is an interesting process.  I wish I could figure out how many artist friends say they start painting and can paint all day or into the night.  For me that's similar to running friends who talk about a runner's high.  Still waiting for that to happen.  

I see artists who produce wonderful paintings, wet into wet and somehow don't get pink when they lay their lights up against red.  Magic.  Me, I find this process tricky because the colors easily turn muddy if I fiddle with them too much.  

For this painting I knew I needed to stop, so I used a scrapper to draw my shapes back in (those white lines you see) and decided to call it a day. I'll go back tomorrow and see how it goes. It'll be interesting to see if I can save it.  But if I can't, well the challenge is about learning from our mistakes too!

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