Sunday, January 5, 2014

#5 - Girlie Googles

Girlie Goggles 
4x6" acrylic on RayMar

   #5 -  Leslie Saeta's January 2014 30 in 30 challenge

I've put my still life set up away for a couple of days and I'm back at the beach.  Well at least in my mind and painting.  

I've always admired the daily painting artists, but at day 5 of my first daily painting challenge, my admiration doubles and my hat is off to those who finish a painting everyday.   Today was the first day I really had other commitments and was stressing myself out for a bit.  I know that is not what this challenge is all about, its to have fun!   So when I got home I decided to change and do some acrylic paintings.  I pulled out some old photos, picked one and went to town.  I enjoyed it so much I think I'll go acrylic again tomorrow.  Acrylic dries darker than oil so that is always a bit of a struggle for me.  I rarely tone the canvas when I paint in acrylic because that darkens the paint even more.  I also discovered if I can't get something as light as I want I go back and paint that spot out in white and start it over.  That way I seem to be able to get the area as light as I want. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your dream of the beach!

  2. Beautiful! Love the colours in the water! I can't manage a painting every day due to work commitments but some days I can get two done so perhaps some of us will make it to the finish line a different way :)

    1. Life can get in the way of our art! Its been was a great motivator to get going in the new year. If you paint even one more than last year that's what its all about. That's what I liked about this challenge. If you are enjoying yourself when you can paint that is all that counts! Happy painting!