Saturday, January 4, 2014

#4 - HoHoHo


6x6”, oil on board

This year the holidays flew by so fast it seems like the decorations just came out.  I'm not quite ready for the holidays to be over so I decided to paint this little Santa before I put him away.  He sits on a spring so while I've been painting every time I touch the table he dances around and makes me smile.  He proved more challenging to paint than I'd anticipated. I'm still struggling with warm highlights on red that don't look chalky...anyone who has any tips let me know. 

Like many of the artists doing the 30/30 challenge, I think it is a good time to experiment a little so I'm planning to try a few different things on these "quick" (don't I wish) studies.  For my last 3 paintings I started with white gessobord, brushed on burnt sienna + a touch of linseed oil, then wiped it down leaving the board toned and very little linseed oil.   I used a Kemper wipeout tool (one of Dreama Tolle Perry's favorite tools) and drew into the wet paint.  Normally I also use it to wipe out some of the highlight areas.  For small canvas its easy to make corrections...just brush out as needed.  


  1. Fantastic little object! I love the long shadow.

  2. He's adorable! What a great subject to paint. I love the shadows too.