Saturday, January 18, 2014

#18 - Don't Make a Scene

January 2014 Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

Don't Make a Scene 
5x7" Acrylic

Once again my hat is off to all the daily painters out there.  It is a very humbling experience.  There have been a couple of days that if I hadn’t felt I had to post a painting I would have set that day’s painting aside and it would never have seen the light of day.   Today was one of those days.  I find it interesting that one day a painting almost paints itself and sometimes I struggle like I've never painted before.  

Today I had a full day so decided to try acrylics hoping that would be a little quicker.  I know my head wasn't in it.  It didn't help those darn acrylics like to dry darker than when applied!

I helped hang a large show today from a 12" ceiling using fishing line.  Only a few of us weren't afraid of heights!  I lost count of how many times I climbed the ladder. It takes a village to hang a show that's for sure.   
I won’t be able to paint or post for the next few days but I will finish 30 daily paintings. 

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  1. I love the warm colours in this landscape. Great distance perspective - makes me want to wander right into the painting.