Thursday, January 30, 2014

# 24 - Loved His Hat

January 2014 Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

Loved His Hat  6x6" oil

I saw this Swiss gentleman on a recent trip.  He looked so distinguished I took a photo.  There is just something about an older gentleman wearing a dress hat and a suit.   

I don't normally paint people.  I took a workshop from Karin Jurick in late 2013.  After the workshop many in the class did a weekly challenge painting a 4x4" 'mug shot' of a class member. If you haven't seen them, Karin actually paints from criminal mug shots.   That challenge gave me a more confidence to tackle painting faces.  It helps that I don't try to paint a portrait, but shoot for a resemblance, which takes the pressure off.  In fact, I think this gentleman might be pleased I've made him look about 20 years younger! 

The most interesting thing I learned doing this painting was I could actually do a small "portrait" in one sitting (using a photo). I also learned using a 6x6" canvas is so much easier than on a 4x4" painting.   Hats off to all you miniaturists. 

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  1. Very nice, Lydia! The title is perfect and so do I!