Wednesday, April 17, 2013

HH4 challenge # 9

I had to go out of town unexpectedly before I started this challenge, so I'm the guilty party that held the up the Hilton Head 4 postings for challenge #9.  Maria provided the reference photo this time.  I love this this young lady with her wonderful red purse, heavy sweater and boots admiring Renoir's "A Girl with a Watering Can" (1876).  

Some days a title comes to me before I even start a painting and sometimes I'm blank.  I was in the blank mode when I finished this one, but decided since it has felt like Mother Nature skipped spring almost everywhere this year.  I am still hoping spring will still visit us so I decided I'd name this painting "Looking Forward to Spring."

"Looking Forward to Spring"

9x12” oil on canvas


"I am Blue", oil on RayMar

Lulu and Chris had super busy schedules this challenge and decided to give iPad painting a try.  I think they turned out great.  Isn't technology wonderful?  We can now paint anywhere with no fuss or muss in a pinch.  I have to get one of these aps. 

Christine Werst

iPad painting

"Just a Glance", iPad painting

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  1. These are all terrific. I LOVE your finished painting with the bounced color, beautiful reflections on the floor and the great composition. Well done!