Thursday, April 18, 2013

Diff4ent Strokes Painting Demonstration

If you are like me you forgot to be on the lookout for art opportunities of which there are many in the WDC area.   But there are so many wonderful free art events to take advantage of in many cities.  My art guild sponsors a guest artist almost every month and the event is open and free to the public.  Most city galleries have events and will put you on their email list to let you know so you don't miss them.  

Last Saturday, I attended a wonderful (free) painting demonstration called “Diff4ent Strokes” at ArtSquare  in Leesburg VA. ArtSquare is a very nice gallery with artists studios and classrooms.   Diff4ent Strokes was an interactive 4-Person Demo & exhibition by four talented Virginia artists --Trisha Adams, oil Libby Stevens, pastel, Christine Lashley, watercolor, and Elaine Elinsky,  acrylic.
They all painted from the same still life setup.  Normally they all paint in different mediums.  Their email announcement asked everyone to bring their inquisitive minds and feel free to ask questions.  The group painted from 2-5 pm. It was interesting to see how each saw the same thing yet yielded such different results with their own unique styles & mediums.  All of the ladies were very talented and kind in answering everyone’s questions as they painted.  They also allowed the enthralled gallery to take photographs. I've shared some of my photographs below.  It was funny how I truly thought I took a lot of photos then was surprised I didn't have as many as I thought.  I guess I was mesmerized by the painters!  

There was a great turnout.  I overheard someone say this was the 3rd Diff4ent Strokes group event (each have been at different places) and the largest crowd they’ve had to date.  Many of the people there were artists.  

It was tough standing for 3 hours in a crowd when you aren’t painting too, but most people wandered in and out.   Except for the lucky ones who captured the few chairs.  Of course, I made sure I stayed to see the finished paintings.  Well worth the wait, they were great.

(L-R) Christine Lashley, Trisha Adams, Libby Stevens, Elaine Elinsky

It was a little tight for the large crowd, but everyone had fun. 
The setup

Libby after about an hour 

Elaine said she never paints this small

Christine putting on her finishing touches

Chistine Lashely's finished painting

Trisha's almost finished painting.  She joked it was
 painted by committee.  She asked for crowd input. 


  1. Hi Lydia, I loved reading your reaction to the 4-person demo. Trisha

    1. Trisha, I had a wonderful time & I thank you all for sharing your wonderful talents. Good times were had by all who attended as I listening to everyone's comments (even the spouses who were dragged along!).

  2. Hi Lydia, I loved reading your reaction to the 4-person demo. Trisha