Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 2 - Dreama Tolle Perry Workshop

Painting Brings Me Joy .... The art affirmation on my name tag.   It is so true.  I liked all of the affirmations, but one I wrote in my notes was "Joy Flows from the tip of my brush."

My rendition of our assignment

Day 2  Dreama handed out a photo reference to the class so the class could paint along with her again.  She broke her demo into segments (still love that) to help us get a handle on her technique.  This time it was a scene.  Step 1 again was blocking the entire white surface (of your choice) in transparent color.  Boy, it looks so easy when she does it and I thought I was getting it as I follow along, then I quickly realize I need to take Dreama home with me... I really need her there as a safety net! 

Each day there was a general discussion about life and art.  When painting "Go with your gut." "Don't second guess yourself."  There is nothing harder in the world than a solo show or trying to get in a show.   I liked Dreama's way of putting it because it is exactly how I feel when I put my art out there...."how naked are you willing to be?"   

We were reminded to use colors other than white (which is cool) as highlights, plus it is unexpected.... a light orange on a blue shutter or a light green on something turquoise. A light touch of light orange or blue on a red.  Reminders to think out of the box... because my box has very high sides. 

Once again it was the darks that I found I had to keep going back in and to work on.  Dreama reminded us not to forget neutrals.  Without them the focal point is lost and colors will not pop.

You can find Dreama's palette on her website.  She introduced me to colors I really like and have continued to use.   Winson & Newton magenta is kind of a warm version of alizarin crimson, Rembrandt Transparent Red Medium & Transparent Oxide Orange (great color), and Richeson Shiva Ice Blue (not a transparent), a nice shadow color.   


  1. Great post on the workshop. I know it was a great time and a great learning experience. I love the quote too...

  2. Beautiful painting, love those colors!