Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 Hilton Head Caper - Suspect #1

The artists attending Karin Jurick's Hilton Head workshop are being challenged.  In a follow-up of the 2011 investigation spearheaded by Maria Hock, the 2012 Hilton Head Caper is now being lead by supervisor Wanda Rottenfusser.  Wanda did a discreet surveillance on our last day, snapping mugs of all of the possible suspects.  Hopefully, you won't see any of them on the FBI's Most Wanted list, but if you visit  2012hiltonheadcaper.blogspot.ca  you will see, as the investigation continues, the witnesses' versions of what they saw.
You'll also learn what it is like to interview eye witnesses... no two people ever see things the same way, but they all bear a resemblance to the truth.

Karin Jurick is a great sport.  Here is my first "Mug"... The orange background is either my salute to her pashmina or an orange jailhouse jumpsuit... you decide.
This is obviously more of a challenge for some of us than others.  Personally, I like Karin's paintings in museums where she paints people from behind.  Of course, its much harder to identify them in a line up!

4x4 oil on panel

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