Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fish Market

I knew when I retired I wanted to start painting again.  I also wanted to do something to meet other artists.  Finding an art class seemed like the perfect plan.  The Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria (Va.) was the first place that came to mind.  Its really is an old torpedo factory ( converted to art studios, classrooms & two galleries in the early 1980s.

Just like I'd hoped, I met artists from the area and got back into painting.  I think the 'Fish Market' was one of my first successful paintings.  I still love it and I'm proud it found a wonderful home with Lisa & Doug who live in Old Town.  I had a wonderful compliment when a friend's mother was driving with her down King Street and yelled, "there's Lydia's painting!" 

The Fish Market restaurant (105 King St.) has been renovated and looks a bit different these days, but its still a nice place to eat if you are visiting Old Town.  You also don't want to miss stopping in at the Torpedo Factory to see all the wonderful art.  

Fish Market, Old Town Alexandria
11x14” oil on canvas (sold)

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