Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hilton Head Four Challenge - New Orleans

Our 9th Hilton Head Four (HH4) semi-monthly challenge was provided by Regula "Lulu" Scheifele.  What a great picture of a wonderful gentleman playing his guitar on the streets of New Orleans.  Now here is a man how really looked like he was enjoying himself.  Lulu said she bought even one of his CDs.  How fun if she played it while she painted his portrait. 

Play'n the Blues, 8x8" oil on RayMar panel ($150)

This was a very interesting challenge because it totally took me out of my comfort zone.  I thought faces were tough, but I found out hands are in another category of tough for me! That's what's great about challenges... they are something that I had wanted to try, but never took the plunge.  I think they've pushed me to go places I probably would not go on my own.  I'm learning so much about changes in composite and color.  I also know that I need a challenge with a deadline.  Nothing like having to post something on a specific day to get you moving and painting.
If you aren't already trying challenges such as The Daily Painter's Challenge find a couple of artist friends and start your own challenge.  

Willie Plays the Blues, 8 x 8” oil on gessobord

Panama Hat, 10 x 10” oil on Raymar Panel

Chris Werst

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