Thursday, March 14, 2013

King Street - Old Town Alexandria

King Street (Old Town Alexandria, Va) 11x14" oil on canvas (sold)

I just got the exciting news this painting sold this afternoon. 

Old Town Alexandria is one of my favorite places to paint.  I really enjoyed doing this painting.  I wanted to try to paint something very impressionistic. It is a very different style for me.  I blurred the source photo so I couldn't get caught up in the details.  (It works much better for me than squinting!)

Funny story about this painting: My parents like to see my work so I usually email copies to them as I finish paintings. When Dad got this one he sent me a reply that I needed to resend it because the photo of the painting was blurry!  I had to explain that's the way it was supposed to look.  Oh well, I loved it. 


  1. It's got such a wonderful vibrant feel. Great idea to blur the source photo. (My photos tend to be pre-blurred, I'm such a bad photographer!) I love the red patio umbrella.

    1. Cat, Your pre-blur comment made me laugh. I know exactly what your mean. Thank you for your comments. I really enjoyed painting it. I love red in paintings. There is something about red things that capture me and make me want to paint them.

  2. Of course it sold, it is wonderful: warm, inviting and tells a story. Just beautiful!!