Friday, February 1, 2013


I love to paint things that remind me of the "good ole days."  We did a lot of tent camping when I was young and I always wanted to stay in a cool trailer like this one.  I think it was desire of sleeping on a mattress instead of the ground that was my real motivation!  As newlyweds, my parents lived in a trailer not much bigger than this one.

I saw this trailer parked in a side yard of a boat repair place near Duck, NC.  A good friend invited our Wed painting group to stay at her beach house for a long weekend of painting.  We painted, visited art galleries and took lots of pictures.  A perfect weekend.  

Vintage, 11x14" oil on canvas, (sold)


  1. Love this! I've seen trailers like this renovated and they are sooooo cute! I would love to have one and travel and paint ..... a nice dream!