Sunday, February 10, 2013

Challenge #6 - A Little Girl Enraptured with Renoir's Dancer

Someday, 12x16" oil on canvas

Its that time again.  This is the 6th Challenge for the HH4 as we affectionately call our bi-monthly challenge group. The four of us shared a beach house when we attended Karin Jurick's workshop in Hilton Head in November.  It is much more of a 'challenge' for Lulu & Chris since both are still working full-time, high pressure jobs.  Kudos to them.  

Challenge #6 was Maria Bennett Hock's pick and she submitted a photo of one of my very favorite subjects to paint... people in museums.  I ask you could she have found a cuter little girl looking at Renoir's Dancer?  I've taken hundreds of photographs in museums and while I've loved some of mine, never had one this priceless.  Bravo Maria.  

I Want That 
 Maria Bennett Hock

Chris Werst

Kindred Spirits
Regula Scheifele 

An interesting challenge question:  

An artist friend recently asked me, "Doesn't it bother you painting the same thing other artists are painting."  My immediate response was no, I learn so much from seeing everyone's else rendition.   I love seeing other people's ideas of composition and color choices of the same subject matter which I hope is teaching me how to make better choices myself.  

Later, I thought a bit more about why I have been enjoying challenges so much.
  • First, its kind of like the surprise of opening a present.  Its very new for me and I love to opening the email with the next challenge. 
  • Challenges take me out of my comfort zone.
  • I decided a challenge is a little like cooking for me, I don't mind cooking dinner, I just don't always like having to decide what to cook!  So maybe its nice having a tiny bit of the pressure off in not having to decide on a paint all the time.   
  • Lastly, I know I'm a person who works best under the pressure of deadlines.  
    • Not that I miss the pressure now that I'm retired!!
So I ask you... why do you like to do challenges?

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  1. Hi Lydia,

    I totally agree about the challenge taking you out of your comfort zone. Or just 'forcing' you to tackle a subject you would do otherwise.
    A big bonus for me is also the deadline - I'm really comitted to finishing a painting in time, so even if it's on the last evening, I will get to it and paint.
    And although I was a bit concerned about painting from the same reference, I do enjoy seeing the different approach we all take. And even if we happen to chose a very similar crop (like this time), the results are individual and different. Which again is a great thing, as it proves that we each have our different and distinct style.

    Still playing around with your reference for the next challenge though...