Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gas Dock on the Occoquan River

Gas Dock 12x12 oil on canvas (sold)

The theme of one of our Loft Gallery art shows was anything about the town of Occoquan. 

The Loft backs up to the Occoquan River & I love reflections in the water so it was easy for me to pick a subject.  Once decided, I made a quick trip down to the docks to see what would catch my fancy.  Believe it or not they've planted palm trees near the boat ramps.  Somehow palm trees & Virginia just don't work for me, but I really liked the gas dock.

I think reflections make paintings interesting.  I try to include them whenever I can.  Of course a lake or river are the most obvious for adding reflections, but you can add them to still life or put a puddle in some paintings if it works with the composition.  I've even added some in my museum paintings.  All you need is a shinny floor.  

     Frank & Ernest

Created by Bob Thaves


  1. Beautiful painting! Wonderful reflections on the water from the boats!!

  2. I still regret this one got away from me. I was dragging my feet and someone bought it before I knew it.