Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mom - the Tennis Player

"Tennis Anyone"
10x20” acrylic on canvas (NFS)

"30 - Love"
10x20” acrylic on canvas (NFS)

I just visited my parents and hung these 2 paintings I did of Mom in her room.  I hope they give her a little joy when she looks at them.  

My dear Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's last fall and had to move to a memory unit in assisted living facility.  When I saw her room in February I knew she needed something bright for her walls and something of her past.  I decided I'd paint Mom playing tennis from some old photos of her playing tennis just a couple of years ago so she would have been 79 or 80 in the photos!   I hoped the paintings might also help her remember how much she loved tennis at least for a little while.   Mom, who always was a gifted athlete but didn't have time to play sports when we were kids, started playing tennis when she & Dad retired to Florida. She became an excellent tennis player who could even beat the grand-kids!   She played 5-6 days a week until a few years ago and "cut back" to 2-3 times a week until she had to shop playing about a year ago.  

What these paintings have taught me was I loved painting them on all sorts of levels including they made me feel closer to my Mom.  Love you Mom. 

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