Monday, November 24, 2014

The Traveling Chicken

I've just learned that I needed to change the write-up for my blog so it isn't too close to the one I wrote for the Traveling Chicken blog (apparently that causes problems) Here's my updated story: 

I signed up hoping for a visit from the Traveling Chicken a few years back.  TC is a very popular chick!  She finally arrived at my house for her grand portrait.  Painting a famous chicken proved to be nerve racking! 

Rather than TC arriving from some exotic place (sorry Johnna), she only traveled a short distance from her last stop.  As it turned out, it was fun TC was close, because her last 'handler' Johnna called me and arranged for us to have lunch where she passed the baton (or rather TC).  We had a nice long lunch and were able to enjoy getting to know one another.  I hope it’s going to be a lasting friendship.  Who else can honestly say it was a friendship started with an introduction from a Chicken!  

To see where the adventures of the Travel Chicken has taken her, check out her blog, The Travel Chicken 

"Show Off" 6x6" oil on RayMar $50

TC's companion rooster was taking a vacation
so I found this one dressed in his Christmas finery.  


The other artists at the Loft Gallery were introduced to TCThe Loft is currently having a miniature show so TC fit right in as she checked out my frog!   

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