Monday, November 24, 2014

Having daldrums after a solo show? ENTER small shows

As everyone knows you paint like a crazy person for a show and sometimes its hard to get back into a rhythm once its over.  Sometimes I fight that by dragging out a couple of old paintings that just didn't work, but I haven't thrown them away.  I "play" with them.  Its just fun!  Rarely, do I salvage them so I could sell them (you really should start over for that) but looking at them with a new critical eye and what was lacking in the first place is a great exercise for me.

Local Art Shows:  Fall is also a great time of the year for art shows.  We have lots of them in our area. Back in January,  my critique group decided we'd write an "art bucket list" for the year.  I had about 20 items (probably should be cut it back a little) and I've actually accomplished most of them.  One of the items was to enter local shows sponsored by new groups I had not worked with before.  I am doing 3 this fall.  I don't usually do more than one at a time and never thought about how much time they take, so everyone should keep that in mind... KEEP a calendar of events...drop off, pick up if rejected, some require volunteer duties, receptions, and pick up.  With that list you can see they can be a big time commitment. 

My tip: Enter shows with a friend or two so you trade off on some of the duties if needed and most important can help with drop off and pick ups if something comes up.  

Prospectus Read each one carefully.  Rules can be different for each event.  It is surprising how many people enter paintings, pay the fees, drop of their work and it is rejected not because it isn't a wonderful painting, but because they didn't read the prospectus and it doesn't fit the theme/requirements.

Fees:  Many shows have entry fees, but there are just as many small shows that do not.  Many will keep a percentage of the sale.  From 10-40%.  

Volunteer requirement?:  Keep in mind that in addition to entry fees, many local shows require you to do some volunteer work if you are in their show.  That can be making spreadsheets or labels, helping with advertizing, logging in paintings, assisting the judge, hanging the show, attending the reception (which everyone should try to do because it is fun), set up and/or clean up at the reception, bringing food for the reception, taking down the show, & checking the paintings out.

Dates you have to track: (It doesn't sound like much but if you are entering multiples it can get confusing.

  • When the entry has to be mailed 
  • If entering more than one show tracking which paintings are going where!
  • Drop off date (and pick up times if they aren't accepted into the show)
  • Reception
  • Pick up 

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