Friday, August 8, 2014

"August Hot Wheels"

I'm very excited my show is finally up.  We couldn't start hanging, which included touching up the walls, until the gallery closed at 5:00 last Sunday so we were there until late.  I finished up and hung the labels on Monday.  A HUGE thanks to my husband for helping me make what felt like a gazillion trips up and down the stairs at the gallery (and home) and helping me hang my show.  He had some great suggestions on placement, including the old fence.  I couldn't have done it without him.

Old fence!?! I saw an old piece of fence on a pile at the curb while I was out walking.  I went home, got the car and drove back.  I picked up this rickety thing, checked it out and put it back a couple of times.  I finally decided I could always throw it out again if it didn't work for my show.  It turned out to be a fun extra piece for hanging a couple of the paintings... And my husband doesn't think its weird anymore when I bring broken things home! 

It is hard to believe after months of working toward the show all is done with the exception of the reception on Sunday (8/10/14) and a little food shopping on Saturday.

I have 23 paintings for this show.  This is the main wall.

Loft Gallery, 313 Mill St., Occoquan, Va.  

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