Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jan 7 | I'm All Ears

#4 |Jan 2017 Challenge

“I'm All Ears”
6x6” oil ($95 unframed)

I'm painting on 6 square inch white gessobord for this project.  I decided to do a couple of things different today, one being using Karin Jurick's favorite method of painting on a black toned background.  I ran across a couple of gessobords I had prepared, but never used.  If you’ve seen Karin’s wonderful paintings the black makes color pop.  She is amazing and I highly recommend taking one of her workshops if you ever get the chance. 

I also worked on brush strokes trying to make the strokes an important part of the painting.  

I didn't have a title for this painting so if anyone has any thoughts I'm all ears.  After writing that, what the heck that makes a fun title!  But of course I love suggestions for the paintings. 

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