Monday, January 2, 2017

Fall Foliage

Happy New Year

My painting resolution this year is to try not to be too hard on myself when painting. 

After wiping my first attempt at Leslie Saeta's "30 in 30" this morning, I took out my Fall Foliage painting I had started weeks ago and finished it.  It was good to let my mind work on something not from scratch before I give "30 in 30" another shot. 

Fall Foliage
11x14 oil on Canvas
($250 unframed, $300 framed)

 Why do a challenge like Leslie's?  

I don't seem to fit in much painting between mid-November and the end of December.  Life gets in the way and I let it.   So in January, I work on Leslie's challenge to get me motivated after the holidays.  Just small 6x6" paintings.  The point of the exercise is to paint more in January than you painted in Dec.  If I paint 2 I've reached that goal 😅.  OK, I plan to paint everyday in January and not to get too crazy (not sure how well that will go).    I will keep reminding myself it is an EXERCISE meant to push me to paint faster and not agonize over every brushstroke.  It is to push me to accomplish what every instructor tells every student... practice, practice, practice. Wonder of wonders it works.  The more paintings I did last year the more I liked the paintings.

I have visions of what I'd like to accomplish and they don't always translate to canvas.  What happened to my "who could care less how it turns out if I'm having fun" adventuresome self?  When did I start wanting ever painting to be a success?  That never happens. I need to learn to let go of the ones that didn't work and go on to the next one.  

My new mantra, "Let it go, let it go..."  

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