Sunday, November 1, 2015

Robert Burridge's BobBlasts & Artsy Fartsy Newsletters

Are Distractions Slowing You Down When You Paint? Fear of Painting?
Robert Burridge’s Tips to Help You Create Better Art

We are so lucky to be living in a time where art and art tips are at our fingertips.  One of the places many artists share their art and ideas are newsletters and there are many excellent ones online.  One of my favorites is  Bob Burridge's “ArtsyFartsy newsletters, (don't you love the name!)  Bob is a mixed media artist and instructor. He also send out engaging shorter versions with videos he calls “BobBlasts.”  To view his achieved newsletters Click HERE.  I also recommend checking out his YouTube videos.  
“Action Overcomes Fear…just show up."  I'd never thought approaching my art this this way, but Bob points out that if you have fears at the beginning of a painting you’ve already started to set yourself up for failure makes sense.  He recommends stating your goals before you get started with the simple question, “What do I hope to accomplish?”  It doesn’t have to be profound, just a starting point to get you into your studio/art space. 

”BobBlast” #68 suggests you organize/simplify your area & supplies

before you start painting.

Bob Burridge - Circus Series

“Preparation is a big deal for me. Before I start a painting, I assemble everything I am going to need. First of all, I make a decision - Paper or canvas. Then, I get out only the tubes of color and the few brushes that I need for that painting, and I put everything else away. I keep a water bucket, spray bottle for isopropyl alcohol and paper towels close by - within arm's reach. The only other thing I keep on my painting table is my sketchbook with my written goals and ideas for this painting.” Bob Burridge   

Click HERE to view Bob's #68’s short video on organization

Bob Burridge- Floral Series

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