Saturday, November 14, 2015

helping celebrate

I found this post from last year that somehow never got publishedSince it was a fun event I thought I'd go ahead and post it because doing cutouts for any type of children's event will be a hit

The Springfield Art Guild (SAG) has our monthly meetings at the Richard Byrd Library in Springfield VA.  The library celebrated its 55 anniversary and asked groups affiliated with the library to help with the celebration.  Explorer Richard Byrd's penguins were the theme.  SAG members volunteered to do both cut-out penguins and face painting. SAG members made and painted large wooden cutouts of penguins so everyone could have their photos taken. There were 2 different cutouts.  It wasn't until we started taking pictures that we realized if you got your picture take in the cutout on the right, someone pointed out they could have been a penguin or a nun!  It was a lot of fun for both the SAG members and the kids (well as you can see even the adults got into getting their pictures taken & a few even had their faces painted).

It was my first adventure into face painting.  I did learn that for a beginner like myself, limiting the painting choices and keeping them simple was a very smart thing to do!  I also learned little hands and faces need little brushes when painting on them!

Stephanie Bianco trying on a penguin. 

Me painting one of those itty-bitty hands. 

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