Thursday, May 1, 2014


"Do-Re-Mi" 12 x12"oil on canvas (sold)

I really enjoy painting turtles.  They always seem to have such personalities.  These guys struck me as singers.  The lake near our house is a great place to find turtles.  We had over 3" of rain yesterday and our poor turtles' favorite logs are almost all underwater so it'll be hard to find them until the water level goes down a little bit.  Do-Re-Mi will be one of my paintings I hang at the Loft Gallery  on Monday.  We move all the art the first Monday of every month.

I've recently read about other artists suddenly having artist's block and I've been struggling lately too.  I've been trying to paint for my show at the Loft Gallery in August.  I always get hung up on themes since I'd rather paint anything that grabs my attention at the time.  Luckily for me I have great artist friends who help in those times of need!  Maria Bennett Hock was painting in my studio listening to me bemoan my concerns about the August show and looked at my paintings in the studio.... old cars, bikes, boats... and said why don't you use those as your theme.  I mentioned her idea to artist Jan Moffatt and she suggested calling the August show "Hot Wheels" and a theme  and title were born!

But I also decided I needed to just paint a few paintings for fun.  

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  1. You are going to have a fabulous show! And these other "fun" paintings can adorn the walls of your Vale Arts show! So much to look forward to!